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columba-head-new-background.pngColomba Cakes

Heralding the Arrival of Spring


Just like Panettone announces the arrival of Christmas, Colomba cakes, in the shape of a dove, bring on Easter and Spring.  Traditionally every home in Italy will have a Colomba cake at this time of year. We had planned to have them in time for Easter, but the current crisis in world-wide shipping wrecked that idea, but they will be perfect for Mother's Day on May 9 and Father's Day on June 20.


All of our Colomba cakes are from the master baker Loison. You can read about Dario Loison, the baker, and his wife & partner, Sonia Pilla, who creates the exquisite design for the packaging, on our Panettone page where you will learn about Loison's use of only the finest ingredients and old-word traditional techniques.  These are the finest Colomba cakes available.


Loison makes not only the traditional cakes (Classica) with dried fruit and orange, but they have also created delicious and fanciful flavors like rich Chocolate (Regal Cioccolato), Mandarin Orange (Mandarino), Peach & Hazelnut (Pesca e Nocciole), Cherry & Cinnamon (Amarena e Cannella), and Zabaione. Oh how yummy! You can check out each with the link or explore below by design category.


Sonia has created three very special designs to celebrate Spring: Sogno (Dream), Fantasia (Fantasy), and Evasione (Escape). We have paired each with interesting flavors.


Have fun exploring the other designs: there is the amazing Cappelliere (Hat Box), the exquisite Regalo Romantica (Romantic Gift) for someone special, the well-priced Astucci, and fun beautiful specialty gifts, including the amazing plush bunny stuffed with a small Columba.




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