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2019 Harvest Olio Nuovo is Sold Out.


   Placing Orders


 Our supply will be extremely limited with only one air shipment, and we will definitely sell out.  

There is strong demand for this precious commodity.  

All orders are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis
until our supply is exhausted.

We are accepting orders now.

About This Year's Oil (2019)




This is the new oil that we just received. Beautiful luminous green, with a lovely aroma and full-fruit taste.

Price & Timing for Fulfillment


Because of the short supply and increasing transport costs, you will see a small increase in this year's price.


We are thankful for the good quality!


We have a large number of pre-orders that we need to ship before getting out new orders. We will do our best to get them shipped just as soon as possible. 


Casa de Case is one of the only sources in the United States of true
Italian olio nuovo.  

We fly it in direct from Frantoio Olivestri in Umbria as soon as it is crushed.

 Our olio nuovo is from Frantoio Olivestri
in Petrignano del Lago, Umbria.

Olivestri produces exquisite Gold Medal winning olive oil from
select hand-picked olives.

Located near the Tuscan border, not far from Cortona and the famous wine producing town of Montepulciano, Petrignano imbues the best of Tuscany and Umbria in its oil.

If you are not familiar with this artisinal producer, you can read about them here.


All of our olio nuovo is completely unfiltered so that you can enjoy it
the way they do in Italy.


For a precious few weeks after crushing, olive oil is wonderful pungent, hot-peppery, and has an intensely fruity quality. This is called olio nuovo, literally "new oil".

All of Italy celebrates the olio nuovo with festivals in the frantoio (olive mill), and bottles of the intense oil appear in every restaurant. 


Learn more about olio nuovo here.






Enjoy a Short Video of
Olive Oil Production at Frantoio Olivestri


Come to the Festa!
Sunday, December 8th

Celebrating the arrival of the olio nuovo.  

NOTE: Usually the Festa is on the 1st weekend of December, but because of the late Thanksgiving this year, that is the holiday weekend, so we moved it to December 8

This is when and where all pick-up orders must be retrieved.

Click the poster for details.




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